Shadowrun - Mirror's Edge

Lights out for the APN

Mirror, Curly, Derek S. Taylor, “Chips”, Patch

Curly is approached by a fixer named Charlie to handle a wetwork job. At the meet, she describes the Association Para-Nobilis, an extremist policlub that has, of late, taken to murdering elves who do not live up to their “back-to-nature” image of elven perfection. The targets of the wetwork – the six leaders of the APN.

Derek S. Taylor, “Chips”, Patch, and Mirror were all too happy to oblige after hearing the details. The pay of 40000¥ for one night of work was just the icing on the cake.

After discovering that the APN building in the shadow of the Renraku arcology was a former city building, Curly was able to talk his way into the Public Works Archive Hall (in a former underground nuclear shelter). There he may Harriet Taylor. She was only too happy to help him find the original plans for the building as well as providing an introduction to her daughter, Kerry Taylor. Meanwhile, Mirror and Chips were able to track down a rival group to the APN, the Young Elven Technologists. As it happens, contact with the YET or Kerry were not neccessary.

After a long night of alchemical preparation, the team was ready for their assault. The team first encountered Deathedge, the cybered-up enforcer of the APN. He caught the team unaware but was taken out quickly on his own.

Next, Fierelle the Red (“The Red Woman”). She was holed up in her bedroom and had already lost faith in the APN. After a brief conversation, she surrendered her left ear-tip for the runners’ bonus and fled the scene along with a young homeless girl she had befriended.

From there, the team went upstairs and found (along with a few guards on the way) the leader of the APN – Xeric the Mad. He lived up to his name and was clearly beyond reason. They managed to halt hostilities long enough to live up to their obligation and deliver a sealed envelope to him. Everyone was surprised to discover the title page of Mankind Revealed, the most recent work of Ehran the Scribe. The elven scholar’s work was the target of a previous run and this was their first real confirmation that this job was connected. In the end, Xeric died to his own confidence as he resumed hostilities and was unable to face the team on his own.

Allair was found asleep in his room, claiming to be a powerful necromancer. He was simply the victim of BTLs and was knocked unconscious by dumpshock when his BTL was forcibly removed.

The last two leaders of the APN were found in the basement after a lengthier battle with APN guards. The two burst from a room adjoining the archery range in the basement. Thiran the scarred weapons master rushed out wielding a sword while Erendahl was armed with a bow. Thiran was executed in a single shot from Chips before he did more than step into the room. Erendahl managed to badly injure Chips and was promptly killed by a then-berserk Patch using a powerful lightning bolt.

The team extracted before Renraku Red Samurai (or other security) could respond and met up with Charlie once again. The fixer was completely satisfied and paid in full.

Bottled Demon - Talismonger Body Guards Job
Tuesday last minute 3am job

Eric Olm, Ghost, Glitch, Kitten

Mett the Talismonger (Topal) at 3am on Wednesday morning for a 5000¥ (each) body guard Job. He claims to dislike traveling alone so he wants to hire us. He seems to be trading an Obelisk that to our guess is rather expensive or rare to have such a price for body guarding. The obelisk was previously in the possession of his buddy (Templeman), sadly recently deceased.

Topal is apart of the Children of Sophocles. A social hobbyist magical group.

We started the job at 3am sharp and were confronted by Gangers that we quickly dispatched.

First mission Notes
Chapter one Monday

Eric Olm, Ghost, Glitch, Kitten

Job given from Scarecrow: “Inserting” and agent into a corp. Svartalfar Research Group moving in near Clarkcreek Park. Setting up a station. There is a lot of secrecy and the Johnson is interested in knowing what is going on. Maxine Walsh is the target to be replaced by the agent. This job needs to be done quietly; including the targets disappearance.

Things to do:
1) Target building Information
A) Infiltration Options

B) Ex-filtration Options

C) Type of Security
Ganges Paid by Mob to keep the streets clear. We broke their will and they scattered. Also, Knight-Errant. Oh shit. Furthermore, mages and spirits.

2) Target person Information (Maxine Walsh)
A) Habits/ Schedule

B) Personality Profile

3) Investigate the Johnson
A) Who is the Johnson

B) Who does he work for?

C) What is his motivation?

4) Investigate the Svartalfar Group
A) Is it a individual identity or is it a subset of another corp?

B) What does this “group” do?

What has come before...
The Story So Far

Mirror, Curly, Derek S. Taylor, “Chips”, Patch

Plots and Paydata (5e Alphaware set)
Food Fight
Milk Run
Steppin’ Up
Workin’ the Streets
Going Inside (aborted)

Untitled Retrieval


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